Friday, 23 May 2008

Change of Plan!

A view of St Davids Cathedral

It was not meant to be . . . . my trip up North has had to be cancelled as I have an interview for a new job right smack bang in the middle of the trip and it's one that definately cannot be put off!

So, my creations have been sent on ahead and have arrived safely at Patchwork Island ready for the 'Open Evening' on Monday . . . Lynne here's to a successful event i'll be with you in mind if not in body.

I've been busy helping my eldest pack for his short break away in beautiful St Davids, Wales smallest City . . . here's hoping that rain stays at bay.


Eli said...
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Purple Sparkle said...

Hi Lisa!
Thank you for the comment :-) It's such a shame that you can't make your trip up North! :( Best of luck for the interview though, and I hope you make it to Margam!
Becky xxx


Never mind Lis!There's always next time!Good luck with the interview!
Hugs,Lynne x