Friday, 20 March 2009

So Chuffed!

As most of my dear friends know I have recently embarked on yet another attempt to shift my 'cuddly' bits and bravely joined a local Slimming World group a couple of weeks ago . . . OK so the New Year resolutions are a little late being kickstarted off but with so many things going wrong over the past few months only now do I feel in the right frame of mind to really go for it!!

I'm not going to tell you my start weight as I'm too ashamed, it's the heaviest I have ever been and have no intentions of being within this stone bracket ever, ever again!

My first week I was full of enthusiam, and felt very motivated at class when I stepped off the scales after being told I had lost 5lbs . . . what a start, that's it i'm going for it. I weighed in again last night and smiled quitely inside when told I'd lost another 3 and a half! Yep a little over half a stone lighter and ready to go for the next 5 and half pound to my first stone mile . . . of which I have a few to go!

So from time to time i'll let you in on my trials and tribulations and maybe in the not so distant future i'll get to share with you my before and after pics!!

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Khris said...

Good for you Lisa...wish it would fall off me that easily...hugs Khris