Sunday, 5 June 2011

Refreshed . . . . and back!

I can't believe how quickly the months have passed! What with one thing after another I've really not had the time or energy to focus on any new designs and have no finished works to show and tell you all . . . but I promise that I will be more than making up for it for the second part of 2011 - watch this space!

Well we've just come back from a break away in beautiful West Wales and I'm thoroughly refreshed and raring to go . . . well that's once i've caught up with all the washing that is!

The first part of the week was spent exploring our new surroundings, taking in the views, visiting local castles, soaking up the sun on the sandy beaches and of course admiring the wildlife . . . sounding a bit tame? Well in between the relaxing the rabble did manage to squeeze in abseiling, tearing down a zip wire or two, go-karting, roller coaster rids and me well I sat on the side-lines reading my Country Homes magazine from cover to cover under the guise of official photographer of course, the most daring I got was going for my early morning run whilst everone else caught up on their rest!

I've most definately shaken off the odd cobweb or two and feel raring to go . . . one step at a time tho of course, I've learnt not to go hell for leather anymore!

Mid way through our stay saw us travelling to beautiful Pembrokeshire and paying a visit to meet the lovely Liz at The Jewellery Junkee.

The Jewellery Junkee specialise in Costume Jewellery and sell a wide range of beautiful pieces that have been Handcrafted in-store that you will NOT be able to buy anywhere else. From fabulous funky button necklaces to more demure items to fantastic Dichroic Glass to Bridal Jewellery - you are sure to find something different and unique!

Liz also prides herself on the fantastic array of Gourmet Bath products she stocks, including Handmade Soaps, Bath Bombs, Gift Sets, Wedding Favours or just a Treat for Yourself! The main emphasis is on Handmade products and designs that owner Liz lavishly wraps and packs herself so you are sure you getting something extra special.

If you're not planning to visit Pembrokeshire anytime soon, then why not vist The Jewellery Junkee on-line!

That's my news for now . . . please stop by again soon!


LaaLaa said...

Oh Lisa, it's great to see you back honey! I hope you're OK now. Big hug. Lynda xx

Prim n Raggedy said...

Hi Lisa...I have been trying to post a comment on some blogs, yours included for a few days and couldn't get past sign in? So, sorry I don't know how the comment I put on Christines blog has appeared on yours? Are you able to you remove it?
You look as though you have had a fab're looking good, and lovely photos as always! Shame you have injured your wrist...hope you make a quick recovery! You can use the time you're out of action to plan your new creations! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog...
Carole x

The Homespun Loft said...

Welcome back lovely Lisa! Glad you had a wonderful break away xx