Monday, 28 April 2008

Argghhh . . . not enough hours in the day!

Just a quick post for now as the time is just running away with me . . . I seem to have spent the entire day sat on my behind at the computer, frantically completing application forms for two very interesting and dare I say 'grown-up' jobs!

In my ideal world I would love nothing better than to continue to work from home but alas the kids need feeding, the house needs finishing and I think it's about time for a long overdue holiday and although crafting will always be a passion I don't think at this time in my life I'm able to make the huge leap forward to make a profitable income from it . . . one day eh!!

I have promised to keep you updated with the new arrivals from the workshop and this I will endeavor to do tomorrow as I'll be introducing you to a basket for of floppy Harriet Hares and a litter of cloth cat kitties that have yet to be named . . . pop back soon for a peek!

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