Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Stopped in my tracks . . .

Do you ever have one of those days when everything is topsy turvy . . . well i'm in the midst of one and I tell you ~ I don't like it!

My youngest Son, Louis forgot to take his completed homework sheets to School for Technology and me being a caring kinda Mum jumped in the car to drop it into School for him but to my horror my little chug-a-bug car was not in the mood and refused to budge ( a little like my eldest who is still in bed complaining of man-flu!!)

Arrrgghhh, the air was blue as I had great intentions of then taking a detor to the local garden centre for some inspiration and of course a couple of goodies . . .

Onwards and upwards, I'm going to try and make the most of the afternoon and have received a fabulous new inspiring book in the post today with some scrumptious projects to make up for around the home, the problem is just what to start first!!


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