Monday, 16 February 2009

~ Soaked Through ~

Just a quick post today to fill you in on my bad news as it'll have an effect on both my new ranges due to be launched next month and me not being able to update my blog as oftion as I'd have liked . . . .

I woke with a start this morning just before 7.00am, realising I was going to have a mad rush to get ready and out for work in time as my alarm had not gone off . . . oh no not a power cut . . . again??

As I wandered on down stairs I soon realised something had gone drastically wrong during the night as I landed (in the dark as the entire electrics had tripped) ankle deep in water in the main hallway . . . Oh . . . my . . . god!!

The water was right throught the downstairs of the house, I stood in shock for what seemed like an age until I caught sight of my lil furbabies who were huddled together at the furthest part of the house where they had found a dry patch . . . oh bless them I can still their little faces, they thought they had done something wrong!

After an hour of sweeping and scooping and and bailing out we began to realise the true extent of what had happened. Throughout the night a fault with the washing machine (which was not switched on and empty of a load for once) had led to a leak . . . . some leak, it was like damn had broken, the extent of the damage has hit home now after the insurance company has been, the tiled flooring throughout the house which has only recently been completed has to be taken up, the bathroom flooring and utility cupboard has to be replaced, the living room carpet is soaked through, the table and chairs in the breakfast room to be replaced, the fridge freezer, tuble dryer and blasted washing machine and a treasure old wooden cabinet all have to be replaced not to mention the newly fittled skirting boards and internal doors which will all warp through dampness . . .

I know that in the grand scheme of things with all that's being mentioned in the press this is a nightmare that will be resolved and that at least we are insured but boy oh boy can a gal take much more . . . . I can only bounce back so many times . . . .

So my dear friends, I though I'd take the time to explain that I will be hangin up the needle and thread for the near future until I come back through the other end . . . high and dry (pardon the pun).

Catch you all soon.


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Kinderfalls Primitives said...

Oh my God Lisa. What an absolute nightmare. Poor you. Try to stay positive if you can and let the insurance guys do their job. You may be able to save your cabinet. Old wood can usually take a lot of damage and still come bouncing back. Dry it out and if need be sand it lightly with wire wool and then treat it with beeswax.
Pam xx