Thursday, 19 February 2009


Spring is a time for optimism and new beginnings . . . so a few days after our disasterous start to the week I've been pondering on what the coming months will bring.

As my hands are going to be tied for a short while and the internal works to the house are going to be on stop i'm going to concentrate on the outdoors and fancy having a go at producing some home-grown fruit and veg this year . . . i'll keep you posted on that one!

Does anyone else agree that as you get older the day's fly by too quickly - or is this just the result of a busy working mum of three trying to cram way too much into each waking day . . . so no more 'cramming' i'm going to enjoy a slightly slower pace for a little while (with emphasis on the slightly as i'm new to the word slower and pace in the same sentance) and try to do some of the things I keep meaning to do like catching up with old friends, taking the kids and furbabies for long walks along the beach and visiting places to see on my 'hit' list . . . the problem is where to start?

With all this talk of taking it easy I think it's time for a cuppa and then it's time to change into my comfy's and to settle down to with a good book . . . see I'm getting the hang of it already!!

Speak soon.



Kinderfalls Primitives said...

What a beautiful picture. Spring is definately around the corner, my bulbs are starting to spring up. Take it easy Lisa and have a great weekend. Pam xx


LOL! Rather you than me Lis! I'll be thinking of you,out in your wellies in the gale force 9 with the good ol' welsh horizontal rain,weeding your veg patch!x