Sunday, 3 January 2010

Odds and Suds

Crafty Kirstie Allsopp was on back on our screens for a spectacular 3-part Christmas special that saw her create my idea of the perfect homemade Christmas.

In 2009 Kirstie turned her dilapidated Devon cottage from a shell to a chic vision of country living, and in December she took viewers on a yuletide journey of decorating, creating wornderful gifts and tips on how to perfect entertaining!

Kirstie embraced crafts from around the country and her own love of doing up and making do to create the perfect Homemade Christmas.
One of the accomplised crafters featured on the show was the face behind Odds and Suds, Jenny who runs a small business where each product is made by hand in her Ashburton workshop, from soaps made using only natural ingredients, hand creams made from solid bars with extra virgin olive oil that are guaranteed to relieve the tiredest of hands and a wonderful choice of envigorating bath bombs and relaxing bath mallows - there really is something for everyone.

Inspired by Jenny I have promised to treat myself by enrolling on one of her courses set in the beautiful surroundings of the Rill Estate near Buckfastleigh in Devon.

The course offers the opportunity to relax with unlimited tea and coffee whilst learning the art of soap making with a special opportunity of making your own soap to take home . . . sounds perfect!

To find out a little more for yourself or to view Jenny's creations which are available to purchase on line or in one of her outlets why not vistit today

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